Self Certification

Self Test

Test your knowledge by answering the following questions:

If you have any concerns about a weak student what should you as a mentor do?

    a) Involve the link tutor.
    b) Meet with the student as soon as possible to discuss the concerns.
    c) Jointly agree a plan of action and meet regularly.
    d) Keep detailed notes of all discussions.

How can you support the weak student?

a) Consider and discuss the issues that have led to the concern; give honest and unambiguous feedback.
b) Clarify the area for improvement needed and identify resources the student can utilise to improve knowledge and skill.
c) Arrange for the student to work with yourself and other mentors to increase the reliability and validity of the assessment.
d) Allow the student to have a voice and express any concerns or issues that may be hindering their progress.

If a student has informed you that they have dyscalculia what should you do?

a)supervise drug calculations before confidence is established both with the student and yourself.
b)Do not allow them to undertake any drug calculations.
c)Quickly google the condition.

How can you support a dyslexic student?

a)Make expectations in working practice very clear
b) Write comments legibly. Many dyslexic students struggle to read poor quality handwriting.
c)Include oral assessment, to cover a wider range of all students' abilities e.g. hand-over’s.

Consider and list the 5 specific learning opportunities your ward/placement offers for students

Creating an environment for learning

Points to consider – do you have an induction booklet / tour / session / leaflet for new students to your area?

If not can you implement this over the next year in collaboration with your colleagues and students.
If you do, well done, and is there any new or updated information to add ?

Ensure you have an opportunity to see the student placement feedback information

Once you are able to correctly answer the above questions you may download the Mentorship Update certificate from the link below. By downloading the certificate you are confirming you have completed and understood your role as a mentor. It is your responsibility to inform your ward manager in order that you may be included on the Mentor register.

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