Triennial Review

The Triennial Review has been set down in the NMC standards (2008), and states that every mentor and practice teacher must undergo a review every three years to ensure they continue to meet the criteria to act as mentor and remain on the local mentor register.

All mentors and practice teachers who have been on a mentor register since September 2007 are required to have undergone a triennial review by September 2010, and then every three years thereafter. For all other mentors the first triennial review will be three years from the date they were first entered onto a mentor register and every three years thereafter.

It is recommended that the triennial review takes place as part of an annual appraisal process, but can be carried out at any time depending on the date the triennial review is due.

It can be undertaken by:

  1. The ward/department Sister or Charge Nurse
  2. The deputy ward/department Sister/Charge Nurse
  3. A nurse mentor with a minimum of two years’ experience as a mentor or sign off mentor who is able to facilitate any development and/or action plans that may arise from the review.

More detailed information can be found in Triennial Review document – please follow this link