Maintaining your role as a Mentor

This section of the Mentor Update challenges you to assess your experience of mentorship against criteria derived from the NMC (2008) Standards to Support Learning and Assessment in Practice. The NMC ask mentors to map your mentor practice against the standard.
This may help you to provide evidence of your continuing competence to remain a Mentor or ‘Sign Off’ Mentor on the live register held by your organisation. It may prove a useful framework as it may help you to think about and demonstrate your evidence of ongoing mentorship to your manager at your Triennial Review. In addition, the exercise may also help you reflect on your experience as a mentor and plan for any further knowledge or skills you may need to retain or develop your mentorship.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council have made clear their expectations of the role of the Mentor with the introduction of Standards to Support learning and Assessment in Practice (NMC2006, updated 2008) implemented in September 2007. The NMC produced a single developmental framework which clearly defines the knowledge and skills applied to practice that are required of the Mentor in order to support students in practice. They clearly defined a Mentor as:

‘a registrant who, following completion of an NMC approved mentor preparation programme – or comparable preparation that has been accredited by an Approved Educational Institute as meeting the NMC mentor requirements – has achieved the knowledge, skills and competence required to meet the defined outcomes.’


The NMC have developed a system of review to assure continuing competence of mentors to support and assess learners in practice, namely the Triennial Review. The Triennial Review will be conducted by your employer. Some NHS Trusts have integrated this into the Performance Review. Below is a check list for you to compare your mentorship practice against the NMC Standards (2008).

Mentorship Review Checklist


Action Required
Are you a registered Mentor on the organisations’ register of Mentors?
Have you undertaken a mentor preparation course or an approved alternative?
Have your competencies been assessed?
Have you mentored 2 students in the past 3 years?

Have you had a Triennial Review (INMC standards implemented September 2007)?      
Do you have evidence of Continuing Professional Development?

Do you have a good understanding of the requirements of the pre registration programme (or post registration courses) for students who are allocated to your area?      
Do you have evidence that you fulfil the criteria for the NMC Mentor domains outlined below - you may wish to check them against the NMC (2008) Standards of Learning and Assessment in Practice document?

• Establish effective working relationships
• Facilitation of learning
• Assessment and accountability
• Evaluation of learning
• Creating an environment for learning
• Context of practice
• Evidence based practice
• Leadership

Have you maintained a record of your mentoring of students as required by the NMC (2008)?      
Are you aware of the support that is available for Mentors?
Practice Educator, HEI Link Tutors (name available in clinical area)

Should you have answered NO to any of the check list questions you may wish to develop an action plan, attend a Mentor Update or contact the link tutor or Practice Educator assigned to your area (list available in this update).

To view the BCUHB Triennial Review Document click on the link