Diagnostic Radiography

Practice education at Bangor University has been designed collaboratively with our clinical partners to maximise the utilisation of placement sites and ensure students are able to achieve the core HCPC standards required for registration. Each clinical department will undergo clinical placement audit prior to students being placed there and this will be repeated on a biannual basis.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 90% of timetabled placement to progress from year to year and successfully complete the award.

Students are required to experience the full range of duties and hours including evenings, weekends and nights. Students will be allocated a placement site at the start of the programme and will under normal circumstances remain there for the duration of the programme. This enables students to start to build effective professional and support networks from the very beginning of their studies.

Over the 3 years of the programme students will have 67 clinical placement weeks, these weeks are vital in underpinning the teaching in the university including the simulation sessions using the x-ray room and the immersive virtual reality.

Effective Practice Learning in Radiography

In each department there will be a nominated Lead for placement education at that site. This may be a Practice Education Facilitator, they: –

  • Are responsible for the organisation of the placement.
  • Support staff in the department to optimise the student’s placement experience.
  • Oversee the placement experience for the student.
  • Co-ordinate the clinical skills assessment scheme within the department.
  • Facilitate learning with and from other healthcare students and members of staff.
  • Provide pastoral support to students whilst on placement.

Student Supervisors

All HCPC registered radiographers are required by virtue of their registration to effectively supervise students and appropriately delegate their responsibilities (standards 4 and 9)

Registered radiographers working with students should: –

  • Identify learning needs in collaboration with the student.
  • Act as a role model to students demonstrating the highest standards of professional behaviours.
  • Facilitate student learning using appropriate coaching skills to encourage student participation and learning.
  • Support and supervise students providing constructive feedback.
  • Work with the nominated lead when issues of competency are recognised to further support the student in developing the required skills.

Student Assessors

18 months post qualification registered radiographers can, with the support of their department manager and nominated lead/PEF, undertake additional training to take on the role of a clinical assessor. Clinical assessors: –

  • Will be registered radiographers on the relevant part of the HCPC register who have been qualified for 18 months.
  • Training is available online for radiographers to access.
  • Will be prepared for the role and committed to supporting students.
  • Conducts assessments through direct observation and maintains a current working knowledge of the assessment scheme.

Inter professional Learning and Inter professional experience (IPL/IPE)

Inter professional experiences occur daily between a range of staff members.
Moving forward there is a strong focus on IPE and how we can learn and gain experience and a wider understanding of other professions to provide a more rounded and integrated healthcare service to patients and service users.
Nursing, Midwifery and Radiography practice education facilitators (PEF) will be working closely to enable and encourage this method of learning alongside our clinical partners.

Student Forums

Radiography students and staff will be joining the existing Student forums currently hosted by the PEF team.

This is an exciting opportunity to allow students to meet from different health science courses, offer peer support to one another and experience bite sized learning opportunities in Radiography, offering practice learning education opportunities that benefit all the health sciences and vice versa.

East and Central forums are the 1st Wednesday of the month 2–3pm and the West forum is currently held weekly on a Thursday 1–2pm on teams. East is held at the Cambrian 2 lecture theatre in the Wrexham campus.

Contact information

Delyth Hughes (Course Lead Radiography)

Maria Manfredi (Clinical Education Lead Radiography)

Miv Davies (Practice Education Facilitator (Radiography) East)

Katy Roberts (Practice Education Facilitator (Radiography) West and Central)

Tom Graham (Practice Education Facilitator (Radiography) West and Central)

Colin Nightingale (Practice Education Facilitator (Radiography) Aberystwyth)

Jennifer Little (Practice Education Facilitator (Radiography) UHNM)

Aimee Lewis (Practice Education Facilitator (Radiography) UHNM)

Leanne Mapletoft-Zygmant (Practice Education Facilitator (Radiography) Countess of Chester)

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