Welcome to the Nurse Mentors site

Being a mentor is vital to the development of our future nurses and our aim is to support you in this role. This will include information to attain the NMC standards for maintaining your mentor status.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council updated the Standards to Support Learning and Assessment in practice that has specific outcomes for mentors, practice teachers and teachers (NMC, 2008). It is mandatory that you complete an annual update in order to maintain your mentor status; this can be either through attending classroom sessions or accessing e-updates.

These web pages are designed specifically to act as a resource for mentors, you will find under headings in the menu on the left hand side of the page guidance and useful information.

You may use this site bi-annually to complete your mentor update up, on completion you must sign the self-declaration form and inform your manager in order for the mentor register to be updated. To thoroughly work through the update it should take approximately 30 minutes, however, there is additional information contained in this site that may be of value you to you. In addition, there is a section for common questions mentors may ask with answers provided. Should you require further information or clarification on any of the points please contact your link tutor or practice educator on the contact details provided in your clinical area/base.

Keep informed with our Nurse Mentor Updates...

This updates aim to ensure that nurse mentors have sufficient information and guidance to enable them to competently undertake their role and continue to meet the current NMC requirements on an annual basis. Click here to view the latest update information