Practice Supervisor and Practice Assessor Preparation

The NMC Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment (2018) require that registrants who facilitate learning and assess students must be prepared for these roles. NMC expects that all registered nurses will be practice supervisors. A practice supervisor is a registered health professional who supports and supervises students, providing feedback on their progress toward and achievement of proficiencies. A practice assessor with experience in the field of practice, is an NMC registrant who conducts assessments to confirm achievement of proficiencies.

 Practice Supervisor/ Practice Assessor 2 day preparation course
If you have not been a mentor or mentored a student in the last three years
Due to Covid 19 restrictions and social distancing in certain venues, places on some of the courses may be limited so please book via the stating course title, date & venue, providing name, place of work, registration status, field, email address, contact number.
Numbers are very restricted in YGC, so please book in either Wrexham or Bangor if you live near those centres or can travel.

East (Archimedes)
25th & 26th January
22nd & 23rd February
22nd & 23rd March

Central (Old Creche, YGC)
27th & 28th January
23rd & 24th February
8th & 9th March
5th & 6th April
19th & 20th May
15th & 16th June

West (Fron Heulog unless stated)
19th & 20th January
2nd & 3rd February (Bryn y Neuadd)
24th & 25th February
23rd & 24th March
11th & 12th April

Transition preparation to PS/PA (max 2 hrs hours)
The transition sessions are for all Registered Healthcare Professionals, including GMC, HCPC, or AHP registrants who are engaged in supervising students and have undertaken a mentor role, student support preparation or approved teaching course. Transition via Teams email for link

Online session via Microsoft Teams
1.30 - 3pm

East (Archimedes)
Drop In 2pm-4pm

Central (Old Creche YGC)
Drop in 9-11am or 1-3pm

West (Rm 8, Fron Heulog)
Drop in 1.30 -3pm

11th January


18th, 19th 20th January

27th January

25th January


8th February          

17th February

8th February


10th 17t March (1pm only)

28th March

22nd February


31st March (1pm only)

28th April

5th March


7th April


19th March


10th,17th May




14th,21st, June


Practice Assessor preparation and update sessions (role, documentation, in point assessment)

East (drop in 2-4pm)

Central (Old Creche YGC)
(9-11.30am or 1-3.30pm)

West (Rm 8 Fron Heulog)
10 -12.30pm


21st January

27th January


9th February (9-11.30 am only)

17th February


24th March (1-3.30 pm only)

28th March


22nd April

28th April


24th May (1- 3.30pm only)



28th June