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Transition Practice Assessment Document

Once for Wales 2020

The All Wales Nursing and Midwifery group set up “Once for Wales” working groups to develop core elements common to Nursing across Wales for the implementation of the current NMC Standards for education (2018). They can be accessed on the Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board Corporate Nurse Education intra-net pages.

All documents are available at HEIW:
Go to HEIW home page and select ‘Programmes’ and ‘Once for Wales 2020’

  • All Wales Practice Assessment Document and Ongoing Record of Achievement – for Nursing
    All Wales Practice Assessment Document and Ongoing Record of Achievement
  • All Wales PAD guide.
  • All Wales Guidelines for Part 2; Standards for student supervision and assessment (2018) Practice Supervisor, Practice Assessor and Academic Assessor roles and requirements
  • All Wales Action Planning Protocol (2017)
  • All Wales Educational Audit (2019)
  • All Wales Student Evaluation of Practice
  • Once for Wales; Frequently asked questions concerning implementation of Nursing and Midwifery Standards for Education (2018).

Bangor University and Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board Documents

  • NU05: Practice Supervision and Assessment Arrangements for NMC approved Courses for Nurses and Midwives in Clinical Practice Protocol (BCUHB 2020).
  • Placement Principles. Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board and Bangor University, (2020)
  • BCUHB (2020) MM63: Guidance to support student healthcare professionals in medicine administration within Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.
  • Raising and escalating concerns
  • Managing the underperforming student and action planning flowchart using the All Wales Action Planning protocol
  • Equality and diversity. Advice about Reasonable Adjustments

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